Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

We aren’t your typical “wedding” couple. We have three kids all three play multiple sports, we love to travel, we have a mortgage, we have 3 dogs, 2 cats…. lots of things that take priority over our silly vowel renewal/wedding. We were ballin’ on a budget.

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Christmas Tree Minis Maternity Style at Crabtree Christmas Tree Farm in Harrison, TN

I have been following Stormie’s baby #2 story since she signed up to be a model for my “A Baby Story” project almost 6 months ago.

The first time I met this adorable family of three was at Veteran’s Park in Soddy Daisy, about 30 minutes north of Chattanooga, TN, for their gender reveal party where they found out they are having another baby girl!!!

Gosh, I have one baby girl, she’s light of my world, but, being the laid back tomboy type who doesn’t like drama or care if my nails are up to par with everyone else’s, I’m not sure what I would do with two little princesses.

I stay on the struggle bus, but Stormie and AJ have totally GOT THIS!


I saw Stormie and Brynlie again at the shower. I stopped by to snap a few photos because I like covering all the bases and it’s definitely part of the baby story.


Is she not the most adorable Momma you’ve ever laid eyes upon?! I mean seeeeriously!!

This weekend we did a session at Crabtree Christmas Tree Farm in Harrison, also about 30 minutes north of Chattanooga. I picked up a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree with one single ornament for 10 bucks, it’s so cute and I named him Charlie.

The weather in the Tennessee Valley has not been kind to photographers lately. It’s raining one minute, then it’s sun shining and rainbows, then fog and sprinkles again within an hour. So, of course, this is was the second or third time we scheduled this maternity session and still, it rained, but I am so glad it did because these photos are EVERYTHING, humans, they are everything!

I am so freakin’ excited to meet this little girl and capture her first days of life with this gorgeous little family. She’s a lucky little duck.

9-29-2018 Marius & Lenley Fey

We had the best time photographing the wedding of Lenley & Marius Fey at The Urban Lawn. The best part about being a photographer is getting to know your clients and becoming friends, and I am so blessed to call Lenley and Marius friends.

We met at the Chattanooga Choo Choo for the first look. I know so many photographers who say they do not get personally invested in their clients weddings and do not care if the days goes well or not, that’s not me.

I am a ‘personally invested’ kind of girl. Yeah my job is to document, but if you are running late I’ll help you get back on track. If someone needs a hair tie and my last one is on my wrist, it’s yours. Fluff ribbon? Sure. Suggest a caterer, no problem. Tell you your alter decor looks like crap, you can bet I’ll shoot you straight.

I said all that to say that Marius was so nervous about the first look I barely made it without shedding a tear.


I am just so in love with this wedding.

One the best things about this wedding was the vastly diverse group of people. They had bridal party members and guests from Germany, Pakistan, Mexico and of course America, and those are just the people I had the opportunity to talk to.

The bride’s father is ill and was unable to walk her down the aisle, so she had a family friend walk her. This is their handshake before right before she walked down the aisle.


And y’all…. this father daughter dance had my heart in 10 million pieces all over the floor.


We left exhausted, but it was so worth it. We could both tell that Marius & Lenley truly love each other. And to top it all off, they are expected a beautiful baby girl in a few months!!

Congratulations guys! It was truly an honor.

Kelli Tapp 2019 Senior at Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe High School Senior Portraits

Kelli is a 2019 senior at LFO. She has several jobs as a lifeguard and loves the water as well life on her families farm in Chickamauga, GA. 

Despite the heat and humidity, we had a blast shooting the first location for Kelli's senior portraits.

Despite the heat and humidity, we had a blast shooting the first location for Kelli's senior portraits.

She is such a beauty and made my job easy.

She is such a beauty and made my job easy.

I am so grateful for my new and old clients who are coming back or just finding me after my 5 year break.

I am so grateful for my new and old clients who are coming back or just finding me after my 5 year break.

Madison Witt and her Hula Hoops on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, TN

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful and talented Madison Witt with her hula hoops in the Tennessee River Gorge. As an avid outdoorsperson, I have traveled the Tennessee River by canoe, kayak or boat a million times but it has never failed to take my breath away. This session was such a beautiful mixture of "flow" and nature.


I don't know much about the hooping community, but Maddie talked a lot about flow, which is what happens to a person when they are working on a task they enjoy and become totally absorbed in it. I experience flow when cooking and painting. As it got later, we were able to use a slow exposure and a lighted hula hoop to capture the idea of flow with a camera.


Maddie is such a sweet and beautiful soul. I enjoyed photographing her and spending time with her on the river. If you have never heard of the concept of "flow," give it a Google, it's good for your brain.