If you are looking for someone to pose you in a park and snap a few photos, I’m not your girl. I’m here for the adventure, people. Let’s hike to the top of a mountain or kayak down the river for your photo shoot. We can bake cookies, take a picnic or go for a drive, but it’s never going to be boring while I’m around.

Your business is a blessing and I take it very seriously. As much as I am curious about the world around me, I am punctual and organized. I will never ever make you wait for me, that’s basically the rudest thing ever. I am responsive to your needs, answer every e-mail, Facebook, Instagram and text message within 24 hours and in most cases in less than an hour. I have never delivered a gallery past it’s due date. I have never cancelled a session or backed out on a client. You can call me type A if you must.


Wedding Collections begin at $1350 + Elopement Collections begin at $850

Few days in your life will be as momentous as the day of your wedding. There are hundreds of moments in that single day that you will want to remember for a lifetime. From your grandfather’s kiss on your cheek to the moment your groom first catches sight of you and his eyes flood with tears, we will be there.

Alchemy Creative’s approach to weddings is a little different than most. We will do a few quick poses with extended family but, for the most part, we are capturing organic moments between you and all of your loved ones. We deliver hand crafted, professionally edited, high resolution images every single time. Average editing time is 30-60 business days.

PLANNING. It’s practically a dirty word in the wedding the business and, if I’m being honest, most people suck at it. I quite enjoy helping with the planning process because when your photographer is involved in planning, you know those moments we talked about earlier are getting captured. That’s why every wedding package comes with a planning session. If you have a wedding planner or you are a DIYer, we will figure this out and do it right.


General Session Collections start at $125

You are investing in the artistic documentation of yourself, your relationships and your family in this era of your life. Let’s capture who you are, your relationships or your family dynamic.

Because I am an unposed photographer and we are always doing something during your session, you won’t have to worry about feeling awkward or not knowing what to do with your hands. I’ve been doing this a long time and, not to toot my own horn or anything, but a total riot.

Do you enjoy dirt track racing? Let’s do it!

Are you like us with two boys in baseball? I’m so down to get dirty on the fields.

Enjoy hikes on Sunday afternoon? Let’s climb a freakin’ mountain!

River rafting? I’m GAME!